The activity of 2i3T for students and researchers

As part of its mission, the Incubator aims to be the point of reference for university students and doctoral students in the field of innovation culture, informing them about the opportunities offered by Technology Transfer and involving them in the culture of business creation.

The centrality of people and the fundamental role of the development of the project team are fundamental values ​​on which students are made aware from the very first steps of the business development path.


The activity takes place through the organization of workshops and seminars, the presentation of testimonies and case histories, the scientific scouting activity within the Departments and above all through specific events dedicated to the feasibility analysis of ideas such as "Made in Research ".
2i3T also carries out a systematic information activity of calls and competitions on innovation promoted by public and private bodies and supports students who request it in their application proposals.

A next goal is represented by orientation activities towards high school students, in order to present business creation as a significant opportunity to be pursued at the end of the university course.