The activities of 2i3T for Ideas and Startups

Through its scientific scouting and animation activities, the Incubator identifies and selects the ideas capable of Technology Transfer and supports the path and development towards a sustainable business model through its skills.
Innovation must be defined through the degree of originality of the solution with respect to the proposed problem, the definition of possible users, the feasibility and the degree of technical development of the idea, the comparison with possible competitors.
In the pre-incubation phase, the business idea needs to materialize in the drafting of the Business Plan and with this objective the proponents are supported by a dedicated tutor, by a management training system and by the network of skills and references created by Incubator in the various outlet sectors.

Jigsaw puzzle piece with two missing and hand writing letters word think outside the box, Quotes business concept

The protection of ideas constitutes a further drive for action. Starting a business requires a vision of the future, determination and use of different skills and concrete knowledge.
2i3T, aware of the importance of the early stages of the business project, offers full support to start-ups by supporting new entrepreneurs and new businesses with professionalism from the world of industry and business consultancy experts in management and development of national and international business.

This "post-establishment" process takes the form of an organized individual entrepreneurial support project that sees assistance to new entrepreneurs as the main themes and activities through:

  • the promotion of one's idea on the reference markets
  • soliciting reflections on one's business model and value creation
  • support for the creation of organizational and management tools necessary for new businesses such as "basic equipment" to face their markets
  • mentoring on some specific projects
  • the offer of dedicated managerial training projects.

These activities, which are constantly evolving to better align themselves with the needs of the markets, aim to increase the awareness of new entrepreneurs, as an indispensable element for the development of the company itself.