The activities of 2i3T with companies

2i3T represents the "bridging institution" towards the local business system, which can find in the Incubator a point of reference for the innovation system within the Turin University.


Companies can "launch" research topics through the Incubator and seek academic skills that are aimed at developing new business or solving technological problems.

Trade Associations can participate in various capacities in the dissemination of the culture of innovation by experimenting with new models of promotion and communication conducive to the economic and social growth of the area.

Entrepreneurs can contribute to the development of ideas and start-ups by "investing" through mentoring and use of capital, according to a development model close to the potential of the territory.

The incubator provides a series of services aimed at the creation and start-up of companies with a high content of knowledge and also proposes itself as a partner for all those entrepreneurial and research realities that are interested in making use of the avant-garde scientific instruments they are equipped with the 2i3T laboratories:

  • ICP-MS
  • ESEM