2i3T is the company for the management of the business incubator and for the technology transfer of the Turin’s University, that takes care of enhancing the results of academic research in an economic key, by promoting and supporting the creation of new companies with a high knowledge content.

The Incubator 2i3T aims to develop a suitable environment for creative entrepreneurship and the Technology Transfer process at the University of Turin. Indeed, 2i3T facilitates Knowledge Transfer between University Scouting activities drive the link between Research and the Business environment.

TheIncubator 2i3T also provides a team for training activities towards creating a Business Plan.

The 2i3T service provides a pre-incubation period that continues until the foundation of the science based start up, which can then decide to be incubated within our facilities or at an university Department; the incubator also provides companies with high quality laboratory space and with advanced scientific instrumentation.

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2i3T 's mission is to diffuse and foster knowledge transfer within the University environment in order to develop local economy creating new businesses coming out from academic research and SMEs.

The Incubator started activities in april 2007 and since that time it launched 96 start ups knowledge based in the following sectors: 34% Health Science, 20% in Agrofood, Digital for 16%, 14% Social Innovation and 14% Cleantech.

It is an indispensable asset for the growth of the business system and the economy.

In fact, competition on the markets takes place more and more not on the cost of production factors but on technological innovation, in the context of what is called the "knowledge economy". The University of Turin actively participates in this development process in the Piedmont area through 2i3T.