"We deeply believe in young people, which is why we support them during the school years
guiding and inspiring them in the realization of their personal and professional potential."

Junior Achievement

"Junior Achievement" is the most popular high school entrepreneurship education program, implemented in Piedmont by the Business Incubator  - 2i3T on the basis of a Junior Achievement Italy project.

It is recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research as a form of School-Work Alternation for 80-120 hours as it offers a professionalizing experience in close contact with companies and the outside world, through the creation of a mini-company of students.


Who is it for?

JA is aimed at students of grades III, IV and V of high school. The program can be adopted by all high schools - high schools, technical and professional schools - which can enroll, at their discretion, one or more classes. Each class is coordinated by an internal teacher at the Institute.


  • Stimulating self-employment, acting on positive attitudes such as resourcefulness, spirit of innovation, creativity
  • Approach and prepare for the world of work, presenting business models and practices, professional roles, sectors that offer greater employment opportunities
  • Make them more aware of any entrepreneurial choice


For a duration of about 80 - 120 hours from October to May, each class concretely develops an entrepreneurial idea (a product, a service, a digital application chosen by the students).

The coordinating teacher is adequately trained before and during the course, also in eLearning mode, in order to follow and facilitate the development of the planned didactic activities.

A volunteer company expert - Dream Coach - (identified according to availability in the territories) will be able to support the classes during some sessions to enrich the learning experience, support the teacher and facilitate the achievement of educational objectives. The teaching materials for students, teachers and Dream Coaches are accessible online on the project platform www.impresainazione.it, renewed and full of new features.

Entrepreneurial skills and certifications

Educating for entrepreneurship does not only mean raising awareness among young people participating in self-employment, but, in general, offering them a vision of their skills and training and work choices more consistent with them, making them concretely experience the challenges and commitments that every professional - of every working reality - must be able to face in everyday life.

The ESP (Entrepreneurial Skills Pass) certification, recognized at European level and obtainable through participation in Impresa in Action, certifies the possession of skills in the economic, financial and entrepreneurial fields and is issued after passing an online exam.


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